Early Autumn Tag!

Do you go out of your way to run through the autumn leaves?
I absolutely do! When I was studying on campus there was this great long pathway to the carpark which was lined with trees, so in autumn it would get absolutely swamped with leaves, and it would make my day to stomp through them on my way home from class.

Do you rake up the leaves on the lawn or do you leave them where they fall?
I just leave them where they fall. Raking up leaves seems like a grown up thing that I have no interest in doing.

Do you make hot chocolate from scratch or from the packet?
I did not even know you could make hot chocolate from scratch! In Australia you just buy a tin of hot chocolate powder, or milo, if you’re after something more classic.

Do you make hot chocolate with milk or water?
 I think it’s pretty common practice to make hot chocolate with water, but if I’m going to go to all the effort of making one then I like to use soy milk to give it a more creamy taste.

What’s your favourite pumpkin-based food?
So I hate pumpkins with a passion, but I actually don’t mind pumpkin soup. I’ve also recently discovered a recipe for butternut squash mac and cheese which is actually really yummy!

Do you enjoy feeling the cold air, or do you wrap up warm?
I loved to be wrapped up warm, but only when it’s cold out. I love wearing jumpers and scarves and two pairs of socks! That feeling is kind of hard to simulate here in Darwin, but my partner turns the air con up really high at night and I have to wrap myself up in the blankets, which is kind of the same thing.

Do you buy autumn scented candles?
I’ve never come across a specifically autumn scented candle in any of the shops here, but I am constantly buying candles in a whole range of scents, all year long!

Do you collect autumn leaves for pressing?
 No, I don’t. There aren’t really any autumn leaves falling up here in Darwin, but when I used to live in New South Wales I would use leaves in my artworks and journalling a lot.

Are you more active during autumn, or more laid back?
 I think I am more laid back during autumn, but I like to take more time to enjoy nature and the weather and to spend some quality time with myself.

What’s your favourite roast dinner?
Well since I’m a vegetarian, my roast dinner options are limited, but I am a big fan of a big plate of roast veggies smothered with a veggie-based gravy.

Cold rain or dense fog?
In NSW I definitely loved the dense fog, especially seeing it clouding everything in the early morning, but up in the Northern Territory cold rain is absolutely necessary to break the heat.

Do you go hiking in the forest?
Australia doesn’t have forests. We have the bush.Or rainforests. And Darwin is just flat, so there isn’t anywhere to hike. I walk along the beach, if that counts!

What’s your favourite tea to drink in autumn?
Chai tea! I’ve recently discovered dirty chai tea, which gives you all the ease of a chai tea bag with a shot of espresso injected into it. I absolutely love it.

Fluffy socks?
I like to borrow/steal my partner’s socks, particularly his work socks, which are super warm and fuzzy.

Knitted scarves?
I love knitted scarves! In fact, I love scarves of all kinds. I only wish that the Darwin weather got cold enough for me to wear them.

Do you read more books in the autumn or the summer?
I definitely read more books for pleasure in the summer. In autumn I read loads of books, but they are all for uni!

If you enjoyed this tag post, let me know in the comments below! What do you love about autumn? Or is it spring where you are right now?



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