The Story of My First Interstate Move

My first move as an army wife was definitely my hardest. But that’s mostly because I wasn’t even technically an army wife then (even less technically than I am now!).

My partner and I weren’t de facto at that point, and we had only been together for just over six months. On top of that, we had been separated for six weeks as he had moved up to his new base in Toowoomba and I was stuck in Wagga Wagga finishing up my uni semester that I was already internally enrolled in.

Not like being apart for six weeks wasn’t already enough, but because we weren’t de facto and I was in Wagga Wagga by myself (apart from some friends and my mum), I had to pack up and move all of my earthly possessions all alone.

Now, I’m not just talking about my childhood bedroom – I had an entire house full of furniture and possessions that needed to go. In order to get ready to move I had to spend hours sorting boxes and holding garage sales and lugging my unwanted possessions to op-shops.

This all happened while I was studying, working two part time jobs, and trying to maintain a long distance relationship with my partner.

On top of all that, we really hadn’t been together that long, and him having to move for his job put so much pressure on a relationship that was still in its early stages.

If my partner hadn’t been in the army we probably wouldn’t have been living together six months into our relationship, but with him a 12 hour drive away, and our long distance relationship giving us more pain than pleasure, we both felt like our options were to break up or for me to move up to Queensland and live with him.

This definitely caused some tension in our relationship, because I felt like I was the one making all the sacrifices and giving up aspects of my life to support him and his career. I was also going through a really difficult time personally, and I felt abandoned by my partner in my time of need.

But I also felt a deep love for my partner, and a real desire to be with him. One of the things I found most challenging was expressing how painful my experience was without diminishing the positive feelings I had for him.

The absolute worst experience happened when the date that all my things were getting moved was pushed forward a week, and suddenly my carefully thought out packing schedule was thrown out and I had three days to pack up most of my house.

I was so stressed during that time that I look back on it now and it’s a blur. I don’t know where I found time to eat or sleep or maintain my sanity.

I remember living out of a suitcase and sleeping on a pillow I borrowed from my mum because everything I couldn’t take on a plane with me was getting sent up three weeks before I even left Wagga.

But somehow all my stuff got moved. I passed all my uni classes. I didn’t dump my boyfriend. And I successfully navigated my first interstate move.


Let me know about your experience with moving to a new place down below! Was it just as hard as mine? Or did you have some really great help?


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