Tell Me Your Time Zone!

For me, one of the most unexpected results of moving from New South Wales to Queensland was the change in time zones! I was prepared for the heat, I was prepared for the mosquitoes, I was mostly prepared to deal with the extreme winds that come with living on top of a mountain. But I completely forgot about the change in time zones.

Having an hours difference between me and my family during Daylight Savings was not that much of a big deal, but since moving to Darwin the new time zone is constantly tripping me up!

Here I’m half an hour behind Queensland, and an hour and a half behind New South Wales. This can get to be a real pain when I try to call my mum after dinner, but it turns out that she’s already in bed and asleep!

Since I have readers in all corners of the globe, I figured that this trouble with time zones must be a million times worse for all of you!

So what I want you to do for me is tell me your time zone so I can publish posts at a time that works for everyone!

Leave me a comment down below telling me where you’re reading from, and wait and see if the time of my next post is suited to you!


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