Wanted: BFF


Position available for a fun-loving and positive Best Friend Forever. In this role you will be the best friend to a caring and creative 20 year old female.


  • be  between 19 and 29 years old
  • be a kind person
  • enjoy late night hang outs and sleep overs
  • consider watching tv a good bonding activity
  • like snacks
  • be able to engage in hardcore whinging and complaining when needed
  • love cats, particularly those of the fluffy grey variety
  • be up for all adventures, no matter how small
  • have exceptional digital communication skills
  • be located in Darwin


  • loved watching Charmed
  • have an emotional bond with coffee
  • enjoy arts and crafts
  • have a taste for arthouse, cult, and independent films
  • be helpful in a ‘does my bum look big in this?’ changeroom situation
  • have a passion for lipstick


Applicants must be available online and by phone 24/7, but in person availability will be required most lunches, late nights, and weekends.

Ideally, you will also be able to move to a new city or state when required by the best friend, or alternatively will continue to provide online friendship and support.


  • coffee dates with best friend
  • long lunches spent venting and gossiping
  • emotional support when best friend’s partner is away
  • shopping trips
  • movie nights
  • cocktail making
  • lazy sleepovers spent wearing pyjamas all day
  • Sunday crafternoons


Apply below to be considered for this position. 


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