A Tale of Two Tastebuds: The Struggles of Feeding My Army Man a Veggie Diet

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 11. I spent a few years in the middle as a vegan, but ultimately I settled on a vegetarian diet to nourish my body while not being to difficult to make, or limiting my eating out options.

Now, I’m a firm believer in the ‘whatever floats your boat’ ethos, and I think people have the right to eat whatever they want (frankly, I couldn’t care less what other people choose to put in their mouths), but when it comes to cooking for my spouse I won’t cook meat.

This isn’t because I am trying to convert him or change his diet (even though he definitely needs to eat more greens!), but I just don’t like handling or preparing meat.

This makes my life really hard when I want to cook dinner for both of us, or make lunches and snacks for the coming week. A lot of the time my partner and I find ourselves making two separate dinners, or me making a dish with him throwing meat on top when I’m done.

This task of cooking a cohesive dinner becomes even harder when you factor in all the veggies that my partner hates – eggplant, zucchini, cucumber, pumpkin, mushrooms, sweet potato – the list goes on. Plus, if I’m cooking for both of us then the veggies I hate come into play as well.

This means I’ve had to find a few staple recipes that can feed us both when I’m cooking dinner for two. I’ve become a master at making the perfect risotto, with a pile of veggies thrown in. I’ve learned how to make a quiche that you would actually want to eat, and I’ve found the perfect combination for a salad that is delicious and instagrammable.

Part 2 of the challenge begins when I want to prep my partner’s lunches for the work week. With all of the PT and general physical work he does during the day, keeping his lunches full of protein while still tasting good and filling him up can be tricky. At the moment we’ve settled on a go-to recipe of cous cous salad, piled up with roasted beans, which is topped with a tin of tuna when he gets to work.

I think it’s a pretty happy medium, and even though it takes a bit of compromise, and a bit of team work, we both usually end our days with a full belly and happy tastebuds so that’s all that matters.


Let me know down below if you’d like to see more posts about being a vegetarian – or just about cooking for two people who like different foods! 


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