On Spending My Mornings Alone

I’ve always had a dream about the way that my mornings with my partner would look. Sleepily waking each other up, taking turns to make each other coffee, munching on toast and fresh fruit together.

But of the two long term relationships of my life, both of my partners have had jobs that started before the sun comes up. At the moment, my partner leaves before seven, while I’m still sleeping, and any fantasies of cute breakfasts as a couple are crushed and I’m left to spend my mornings alone.

I don’t know what it is about the concept of spending my mornings with my partner that appeals to me so much. Maybe it’s sharing the struggle of getting up when you aren’t quite ready to with someone else. Maybe it’s being able to persuade someone else to butter my toast when I just don’t feel like it. Maybe it’s being able to continue the morning snuggles right up until we walk out the door.

Some mornings it doesn’t feel so bad. The cat and I have our own little routine. I make my coffee, put on a record, and let the cat lick my yoghurt container when I’m done with it. Sometimes he lets me cuddle him, too.

So obviously this isn’t as great as spending the morning with my partner, but for now, it’s okay. It gives me time for myself, creates quality time with my cat, and ensures that I will really be missing my partner by the time he gets home.


How does this compare to your morning routine? Let me know what your breakfasts look like!


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