Navigating Weird Working Hours

For the past few weeks my partner has been working some weird work hours. 12 hour shifts starting at midnight, being at work for 24 hours straight, extra early morning PT, and late afternoon briefs.

Usually I have two settings, my routine when my partner is home, and my routine when my partner is away. When he’s home we have dinner together, get coffee on the weekends, and do just about everything outside of work together. When he’s away I live my life by myself, watching movies only I want to watch, talking to the cat about how my day was, and doing things I enjoy to fill up time in my day.

It’s a little bit more challenging when he is constantly flipping between being at work and at home with not much notice.

I like to plan. I like to write things down in my calendar, and in my diary, and on the fridge, and usually have them committed to memory so I can have some sense of order in my life.

Trying to memorize the odd and sometimes spontaneous hours that my partner has been working has proven impossible.

It is also made more difficult by the fact that he just never thinks and never plans, so when I say ‘let’s have burgers for dinner tomorrow night’ he says ‘okay’ rather than ‘I can’t, I’m working until midnight. And I hate to eat burgers alone.

I’m trying to get through this period of weird working hours by just adopting an attitude of  acceptance. When he’s here, he’s here. And when he isn’t, he isn’t.

That way of thinking isn’t really my style, but sometimes there isn’t anything you can do. So for now, I’m just going to eat by myself and wait for a time when my planner will look neat and organized again.


Do you or your partner work weird hours? How do you deal with it? Let me know down below!


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