My First Summer in Darwin

I have a strange relationship with summer. I do not handle the heat well at all, but for me there is something nostalgic and heart warming about the baking heat and the way that the air smells in the summer.

When summer arrives, I’m hot and miserable and wake up stuck to my sheets every morning, but opening all the windows to enjoy the breeze in the evening and being able to have parties outside without the need for a giant fire pit just makes me happy.

I love summer fruits and vegetables, I love when the wind picks up and it’s the only relief from the dry heat. I also get sunburnt if I venture outside for even a second without slathering myself in sunscreen, and my legs get plagued by mozzie bites.

But somehow by the time winter rolls around I’m craving summer. I can practically smell it, and I long to wear floral dresses and to host vegetarian barbeques as the sun sets.

Moving to Darwin in summer has been an interesting experience. Before I got here I thought that it would just be like summer all year long, but it didn’t take me long to realise that up here there really are only two seasons; wet and dry.

I was well and truly in need of my warm summer days, but since moving to Darwin I’ve been confronted with more storms than sunny days, and the humidity makes me feel like I’m in a sauna 24/7. If I don’t handle heat well, then humidity is my arch enemy.

More than often I am grumpy and sticky and tired, and as much as I hate to be saying it, I think I’m actually missing those 40 degree summer days.

I guess I’m just going to have to wait until the dry season to soak up some post-summer sun.


Tell me about your summer in the comments down below!



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