How I Met My Army Spouse

When my partner and I talk about how we met, there are two stories we tell. The first is the story we tell to our families, our friends, and generally anyone who asks. It goes like this:

We met at a food festival in town. We were both in line for fairy floss but the line was taking forever to move so we started talking, and then he asked for my number (this is only half a lie because we really were in the line for fairy floss but we were already together at that point).

The second story we tell is the true story, which is reserved for very close friends (and now all of you, too). It goes like this:

We met on tinder.

I know tinder often gets a really bad rap, but in my case my experience went miraculously well.

My tinder profile was only active for three days – a just for fun experiment at the insistence of a friend – but in that time I matched with and was asked on a date my the man who is now my partner.

I remember being extremely nervous about meeting a stranger, and throughout our date I texted my friend updates about my location – and even the number plate of my now-partner’s car!

My partner had only been living in the area for about a year, but I’d spent 18 years of my life so I was a self-appointed expert about the best places to hang out. It was his idea to do one thing he knew about  – that being coffee – and one thing I knew about  – that being going to a park.

It wasn’t really much of a plan, and after we grabbed our coffee we decided to drive out to my university campus and take a walk around. We spent the rest of the day driving from park to park, looking at flowers and playing on swings, and I got home just before the sun started to set.

He actually came back to my house later that night, and we sat up talking (and kissing a little) for hours and hours, and he didn’t leave until morning.

We laughed, I cried, we told each other secrets, and he revealed what his job was – up until then he had just told me he ‘worked at the airport’.

We were both aware that any relationship we started would have a six month time limit on it, and in the interest of protecting both of us, we decided to just be friends.

But that only lasted a few weeks, and by the end of the month we were boyfriend and girlfriend, and we’ve been together ever since.


Tell me the story of how you met your partner down below! Are there different versions you tell different people? A little white lie never hurt anyone, right?


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