Thankfulness Thursday!

I don't quite know what to say about this past week. It's been up and down in a lot of ways. Generally, I've been feeling pretty positive, but I've also done my fair share of ugly crying. One thing I'm proud of is that I've really kept up with my self care, and have tried… Continue reading Thankfulness Thursday!

Mental Health Mondays: I Love My Doctor

Finding a really good doctor that you truly love who can actually help you with what you need is one of the hardest challenges of adult life. If you add in a mental illness this makes it even harder to find a healthcare provider who can really understand your needs. And if on top of… Continue reading Mental Health Mondays: I Love My Doctor

The Strange Magic of Organising

I've never been a very clean person. When I was growing up my bedroom usually fluctuated between looking very messy and looking like a bomb had gone off inside it. I never wanted to get rid of anything, and hated the thought of going through my things to tidy up. Absolutely hated it. Mess just… Continue reading The Strange Magic of Organising

Thankfulness Thursday!

This past week has been really positive for me. Not only have some really fun things happened, but I've just generally been in a better mood and had a more positive outlook on life. Hopefully this is reflected in the highlights of my week that I'm choosing to share with you today. Don't forget to… Continue reading Thankfulness Thursday!

Unboxing My Care Package!

When I went to check the mail yesterday, I got a really great surprise. Instead of bills and pizza coupons, I was greeted by the postman asking me to sign for this wonderful package from Mindfump! The reason I was sent this great gift is because I won the #personifyME challenge. This was a  really… Continue reading Unboxing My Care Package!

10 Things I’m Grateful For

I've been having a little bit of a hard time lately. Nothing huge has happened, but there are just a lot of  little things that are stressing me out and making me upset. To combat this, I wanted to make a more indepth list of things I am grateful for to help me focus on… Continue reading 10 Things I’m Grateful For

Mental Health Mondays: Being Off Meds

For some people the decision to take anti-depressants is a big one, something that takes time and thought. But for other people taking anti-depressants becomes as natural to them as drinking enough water or brushing their teeth. I'm one of the latter. For almost two years I have consistently been on an anti-depressant of some… Continue reading Mental Health Mondays: Being Off Meds

No Junk July: Week 2

After the semi-disaster of the first week of this challenge, I was super determined to make week two an absolute success. And I think I did a pretty good job. If I had to rate it, I'd give myself a 9.9 out of ten. There were a couple of challenges, like intense dessert cravings after… Continue reading No Junk July: Week 2

My Experience With Long Distance Relationships

I've only ever been in one long distance relationship. And it just so happens to be the one I am currently in. The phrase 'long distance relationship' is something that strikes fear into the heart of every couple, but even so some people swear by it. Some people even have entire relationships without ever meeting… Continue reading My Experience With Long Distance Relationships

Thankfulness Thursday!

The past week has been a very hectic one for me. My first few entries in my gratitude journal were written when I was visiting a family, a few when I was in the haze of plane travel and changing timezones, and a few when I was home safe and sound again. Regardless of where… Continue reading Thankfulness Thursday!