Mental Health Mondays: Dealing with Menstrual Hormones

I'm no scientist, but I do know a few things about the human body. For one, I know that depression seriously messes with your brain chemicals and emotions and stuff. I also know that getting your period majorly messes with your hormones and some chemicals and emotions and other stuff. I also know that if… Continue reading Mental Health Mondays: Dealing with Menstrual Hormones

The Liebster Award

Yesterday morning I woke up to the most wonderful surprise; I had been nominated for The Liebster Award by the lovely ranteatsleeprepeat! You can check out her own post here. To participate in this award you have to: post this award to your blog state 11 random facts about yourself nominate 11 other people for… Continue reading The Liebster Award

Love The Skin You’re In Tag!

When I came across this tag here, I instantly knew that I wanted to do it, too. Feeling good about yourself and building positivity and self confidence is just what I'm into. I would strongly encourage everyone else to give this tag a go, too, even if you just write it down and keep your… Continue reading Love The Skin You’re In Tag!

Thankfulness Thursday!

This week has been an interesting one for my thankfulness journal. In the past few days it has seen the return of the bonus item. Usually I just write down three things I am grateful for each day, but lately I have been feeling so thankful and so blessed that I've had to squeeze in… Continue reading Thankfulness Thursday!

Am I Quitting Dairy?

Earlier this year, I did a No Junk July challenge, where I ate nothing but whole foods for an entire month (check it out here). In the past few weeks I've been reintroducing some foods into my diet, and treating myself a couple of times, and I've come to realise one thing; dairy does not… Continue reading Am I Quitting Dairy?

Mental Health Mondays: I Need to Sleep

It's pretty common knowledge that sleep is essential to the human race. It gives our bodies a chance to repair, gives our minds a break, and energizes us for the next day. When it comes to how much sleep you need, every one is different. I know people who can sleep for four or five… Continue reading Mental Health Mondays: I Need to Sleep

Thankfulness Thursday!

This week has been a weird one for me. My moods have been all over the place, but mostly more down than up. But despite that, I've been trying hard to do things that are new to me or that push me out of my comfort zone - even just a little bit - and… Continue reading Thankfulness Thursday!

Mental Health Mondays: I Feel Okay

When you have depression, everything feels a bit dulled. It's different for everyone, but for me my emotions sometimes feel a little out of reach. Well, my positive emotions at least. It is so easy for me to feel sad, tired, upset or hopeless, but having any positive feelings at all takes a lot of… Continue reading Mental Health Mondays: I Feel Okay